Crown Capital Investments at a Glance

Established in 2007, Crown Capital Investments (“CCI”) is an Investments company headquartered in Dubai.
The company has grown exponentially with investments in a number of businesses operating across several sectors including hospitality, trade, retail and finance across the UAE and the Middle East.

The company aims to earn sustainable and attractive returns for shareholders and investments partners by managing and deploying capital in areas where the company sees opportunity that can add value to the company’s strategic vision.
The company’s management team has a fresh, innovative and confident approach in allocating investments based on extensive experience in the regional market.

CCI aims to challenge the norms by developing unique investments strategies and innovative concepts across its portfolio which is diversified by sector and by markets across the globe. CCI’s investments objective is to increase shareholder value and execute this by efficiently deploying capital and management resources to grow the businesses and build sustainable competitive positions that have the potential to generate strong cash returns. The company works on sustaining such returns because of its management expertise in acquiring, financing, integrating and efficiently operating businesses.
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Crown Capital Investment’s strategy is implemented across different markets and sectors on the basis of scientific methods and careful analysis of local, regional and global market dynamics.

The strategic emphasis is on identifying optimal opportunities to invest and realize value from long-term potential ventures. CCI believes in constant business development, diversification and geographic expansion. Its strategy is founded on core investments principles of long-term investments and collaborations through commitment to operating with the highest ethical and moral standards.
We employ a detailed selective criteria to maximize long-term returns for shareholders and joint venture partners, and are always scanning for potential investments. CCI provides a pool of shared resources to its subsidiaries, allowing them to take full advantage of the efficiencies available through the centralization of administrative, accounting, and operational functions. The consolidation of these support services allows our subsidiaries to realize significant benefits in indirect, general and administrative costs.

Over the years, CCI has successfully continued to expand its holdings and is now carrying several subsidiaries and associates that have more than 10 years of operational history. Our primary subsidiaries are Crown Concepts and Zayat Enterprises.
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To realize superior returns on investments while protecting downside risk through a strong corporate structure, and to maintain flexibility across the organization to take advantage of investments and partnership opportunities as they arise.


Manage investments at the highest level of international practice through clearly defined performance metrics, and maintaining a lean organization of highly talented, qualified and motivated individuals.

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Crown Concepts Group at a Glance

Crown Concepts Group is the hospitality division of Crown Capital Investments. It is specialized in five key service areas including development, operations, management, franchising and consulting for restaurants. CCG’s vision is to be a market leader in the hospitality market with dominant brands across various restaurant categories.
Driven by concepts innovation, CCG invests heavily into research and development seeking to introduce unique concepts offering fantastic cuisines to exceed modern day market expectations.

The group's passion for genuine creativity in hospitality was demonstrated in the turn key development of Logma, which captured immediate recognition as an elite brand and secured strong market positioning in the UAE. CCG aims to continuously expand its portfolio with the introduction of exceptional concepts of high caliber. The CCG portfolio is tailored to enhance the customer’s experience while preserving the quality and integrity of its brand mix.
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CCG has a promising developmental plan within the UAE, the GCC, and international markets with strong interests in establishing, managing and franchising a wide portfolio of restaurants.

We seek to combine a scientific outlook to hospitality management with a commitment to innovation, teamwork and customer-driven excellence while providing our employees and business partners opportunities for development and growth.

With developmental and operational expertise, the drive to continuously invest in talent, infrastructure and understanding of business/consumer needs, makes us the business partner of choice.
crown concept mission & vision

mission & vision

Our mission is to become a hospitality leader by being customer-focused, operationally-excellent and committed to providing the highest of hospitality standards.

Our vision is to be a benchmark of the highest standard in restaurant concepts development, operations, management and growth.
Careers at Crown concepts
As a restaurant operator, CCG offers exciting careers for talented people who love hospitality. Ambitious people seeking growth and opportunity will discover that we offer real challenge, development and reward. At CCG we bring together talented people with one goal in common which is the passion to achieve results. Discover how you can develop your career with Crown Concepts at

If you think we can improve or enhance our services, we want to hear from you.
This is an opportunity to tell us more about your satisfaction during a recent dining experience. Reach us at

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Zayat Enterprises at a Glance

Zayat Enterprises is the trading Enterprise of Crown Capital Investments based in Beirut, Lebanon. The company specializes in household goods and fashion retail. The portfolio of brands we represent has grown impressively as we have developed a strong network across the Middle East. The core of its values and principles lies in the wealth of experience in understanding the Middle East markets. Crown Outlet, a subsidiary of Zayat Enterprises is an import – export outlet trading business dealing in high end consumer fashion brands.
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Zayat Building, 2nd Floor, Al Jazaer Street Beirut, Lebanon